Civic Semiotic Resources and SFL Praxis

Please see my course description below. Would love input on it. Will teach it this spring
LLED 7503: SFL-informed Content and Language Innovative Instruction 

This course will be taught on site at Coile Middle School. During the first part of the class (and during one marathon immersion session to be determined by instructor and professor), students will learn how to use systemic functional linguistics as a basis to develop and research meaningful literacy practices with adolescent bilingual learners. In the second half of the class our team of adult  and youth participants will develop participatory practices informed by an SFL theoretical lens to support youth in using their culural, linguistic and social repertoires to research community issues in Athens. There will be a performance that we will put on for the city of Athens that includes theatrical re-enactments, storytelling and informative texts about the community issue identified as such by the participants. UGA students in the course will reflect on their building of collaborative teaching/ learning practices informed by SFL. The course is offered at Coile MS on Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm. Please email Dr. Ruth Harman ( or Mr. Jason Mizell ( if you have questions. Come join us 🙂 🙂
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Youth Participatory Action Research and Critical SFL Praxis

Dear All,

Very excited to share that we are launching a YPAR research group here at UGA in the College of Education. Theoretically, I am working on connecting this work to theories of critical systemic functional linguistics. Would love to hear from others working on these areas or indeed, even one of them. group at conference 3


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Poem: Second Language Learning

Poem: Second Language Learning.

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Poem: Second Language Learning


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This is a nice poem written by Zarina Wafule. This poem revolves around her experiences in learning a second language, which is very similar to students at Coile Middle School.


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Grade 8: Math


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This project provides students with a way to solve one linear equation with two variables. Moreover, there are some activities which help students improve their vocabulary and use vocabulary in a cultural way.


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Grade 8: Social Studies


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This lesson exploits the song Why? The King of Love is Dead to help students know more about Martin Luther King’s death and its effects on society.



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Grade 7: English Language Arts


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This lesson exploits the book The Hunger Games to help students:

✓ Compare and contrast the concepts of dystopia and utopia

✓ Make connections between social structures

✓ Make connections between text-and-self, text-and-text, text-and-world

✓ Identify new vocabulary and develop a strategy to find meanings

✓ Differentiate between external and internal dialogue

✓ Identify language components

Grade_7_The Hunger_Game

Grade_7_The Hunger_Game_Handout

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